About Us

Our Story

Co-owned by a college student and a mother of three, we both have experienced the stress of working, organizing, or selling products for a fundraiser. It always seems that the amount of work that goes into a fundraiser never results in the amount of money you think you should’ve raised. We both were in the middle of fundraisers for an elementary school and a charity that appeared to be more based on selling products that most people didn’t want to buy. This is when we thought “Why can’t we find a way to raise a great amount of money with less work and stress, that actually helps the people fundraising improve their lives?” Then, Witness the Fitness was born.

We have created two divisions of fundraising opportunities for all types of facilities and organizations. The first division is called the “Fun Run Fundraising Challenge.” This is designed for elementary schools to bring in enough money to eliminate all of the other small fundraisers that go on all year. The second division is called the “5K Fundraising Challenge.” This is designed for high schools, companies, charities, families, or an individual person that you would like to fundraise for. By incorporating physical activity into both divisions of our company, we feel that the participants get more out of it than just the satisfaction of helping the cause- developing valuable health habits that could change their year, or the rest of their lives.

"You have two hands. One to help yourself, and one to help others."

Meet the Founders

Taylor Hibl


Taylor, a founding partner at Witness the Fitness LLC, is currently a college student residing in Sussex, WI. Her passion for both fundraising and helping others shines through all the work she has successfully completed- including graduating from high school with over 1500 hours of volunteer work. She claims that she not only started the company to help others fundraise, but to create the opportunity to change people’s lives in the process.

“I wanted to create an environment where people were excited to help raise money for a cause that they are passionate about, but also to get them fired up about exercise and physical activity. Making it an all-inclusive fundraiser allows for everyone to participate, whether they walk, run, or roll. Many people are physically active throughout the week, and many aren’t. If I can give people the opportunity to not only raise money for something, but also kick start a few participants into a daily exercise routine that could potentially change their overall health and motivation, then I feel I have completed my job as a co-founder.”

Taylor can be contacted here to answer and questions or comments you may have about Witness the Fitness.

Heather Anderson



Heather, a founding partner at Witness the Fitness LLC, is a wife and mother of three boys residing in Brookfield, WI. She is very involved in her children’s school, including the PTO and volunteering for multiple fundraising events. She has a strong sense of devotion to help the community, especially the elementary schools in the area.

“Being a mom, I understand the need for a great educational environment, especially at a young age. Being able to help elementary schools fundraise for necessities as well as giving kids the opportunity to be physically active can help them start to develop great life values. Not only are they learning to help their own school and community, but also to take care of their body and health. Being a mother of a child with a disability, I understand the stress and struggles that other families go through. Receiving fundraising from multiple charities motivated me to find a way to help others as well.”

Heather can be contacted here to answer any questions or comments you may have about Witness the Fitness.