Host a Fundraiser

Elementary Schools

With two fundraising options, we promise to get your kids excited about fundraising for their school while helping them learn to develop great health choices.

High Schools

With our 5K fundraising challenge, high school students can recruit their friends and family to help raise money, while continuing to improve their physical activity.

Corporate & Charities

Want to raise money for an employee, individual, family, or charity? Using our 5K fundraising challenge, you can bring everyone together for a fun and energetic event to help you reach your fundraising goals.

"Witness the Fitness exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, true interest in our cause we raised for and their friendly faces made our experience that much better."

5K Fundraiser

Ready for a fundraising challenge that involves your community, strengthens bonds between employees, or that motivates your school? You’ve come to the right place. Designed to both raise money and promote fitness, our 5K fundraising challenge is a great fit for you. Including all age groups, all shapes and sizes, and all types of people, this challenge will be fun and exciting, yet will help you raise a significant amount of money for your cause.

I want to host a 5K Fundraiser for my…

"Witness the Fitness exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, true interest in our cause we raised for and their friendly faces made our experience that much better."

How It Works

The Starting Line

The starting line is what we consider the “valley of the mountain.” All planning and promoting happens in this stage. Once we are contacted by a member of your school, company or organization, we will personally work with them to find a date that works, as well as a location to hold the event. Here is where we will learn more about you, who is fundraising and what you all are fundraising for. We then create a personalized sign up and donation page for your event, where you can direct all of your school members, coworkers, or family and friends to. The 5K fundraising challenge is teams of 10, with a prize going out to the team with the best outfit. This creates a motivation to fill your team and get more runners and donations. We are open to all awesome ideas in this stage and want to make your event how you want it. Some of the fun attractions we like to use are bounce houses, face painting, 50/50 raffles and music. This makes it a family friendly event, not just a fundraiser. Our team will also design t-shirts to be sold as an add-on to registration tickets for the event. After a selected amount of time, we will close registration so we can get all packets ready for the morning of the event.

The Race

The race is what we consider the “incline of the mountain”. The morning of the event the participants are encouraged to arrive about an hour before race start time. This allows them to be able to pick up race packets, participate in other activities, and give enough time to relax and settle in. With our music going, we will pump up all participants at the start line. During the race, water stations will be available along the way as well as a snack table at the end. We love the add-on options of cookouts and beer tents as well! After the race, our team will determine what race team receives the best dressed prize, as well as awarding the first, second, and third place winners. All other race results will be posted after the race by midnight.

The Finish Line

The Finish Line is what we consider the “peak of the mountain.” Your event is over, and the money is in. We will print out the records from the race, and write you a check for the portion of the money your event raised. About two weeks after the event, we will contact you for a follow up on how you felt the event went over, and discuss if there are any other events you would like to plan in the future. While encouraging healthy living and raising money for a cause, the 5K Fundraising Challenge is sure to be right for you!

"Fitness is not about being better than someone is about being better than you used to be."

Fun Run

Are you ready to welcome a fundraiser to your school that works? We understand the difficulty of trying to sell friends and family another product that no one seems to actually want. That’s why we developed a fundraiser to bring in enough money to eliminate all of the other small fundraisers that go on all year. That's right, no more selling, no more dropping off boxes, no more stress! This hassle-free fundraising challenge is a two-week program with a fun-run as the big finale, bringing in more money than people could have imagined, while helping the children develop healthy living habits.

How It Works

The Witness the Fitness Fun Run Fundraising Challenge lasts about nine days and consists of four main parts: the School Meeting, Pep Rally, Fun Run, and The Collection.

  • School Meeting

    During the school meeting, we go over goals the teachers can set for their students. We suggest teachers offer incentives, such as, crazy hair day or PJ day, if they hit a certain dollar amount. Daily announcements are made in the morning giving the students a fitness goal of the day. With daily pledging updates, class are fired up about working together to raise money for their school or cause!

  • Pep Rally

    The pep rally is the opening kickoff event! Our team will get the kids energized and pumped about fitness and fundraising. This is typically set up in a large area, such as the gym. The team goes over the prizes for each level the child should strive to reach, as well as the grand prize given to the top overall fundraiser. Pep rallies are usually on a Monday and last about 30 minutes.

  • Fundraising

    In between the pep rally and the fun run, students are to go to their family and friends and ask them to pledge a dollar amount per lap. We encourage all students to run, walk, or roll 35 laps (less than 2 miles), so all donations are for 35 laps. Donations are able to be made on our donation portal on the specific student’s donation site. This way every student is able to see their goal and how much they have raised.

  • Fun Run

    This is the big day! Our team transforms the gym or an outside area into a running track. Students are energized and pumped up by the DJ (family friendly music). Parents line the track to cheer on the students and take pictures. In about 30 minutes, students complete the 35 laps. We recommend breaking up the school into groups, to keep a safe environment and avoid injury. Once the run is over, our team takes all the equipment down—no need for the PTO or school staff to do the work. We have that covered!

  • Collection

    Pledges are due one week after the fun run. Our team helps collect any outstanding pledges that aren’t paid. We will guide you through the collection process making the system hassle-free. As funds come in, our online system makes records for your school, leaving little room for error. At the end of collection, the results are in. You will see your school has raised more than ever!